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Training activities | Programa de doutoramento Estudos Lingüísticos

Training activities

This section describes the training activities of the PhD program. Some of the training activities will be organised in-house within the PhD program. Validation of other activities or courses organised by other universities and research centres will also be considered. Depending on a student’s research plan, he/she shall with the help of his/her tutor committee, choose the training activities to be undertaken.

The calendar provides information not only on training activities but also on other events of interest.


Introductory Seminar

A short seminar (of about 10 hours) will be organised to present the research lines of the program and explain any organisational issues, once the PhD admission process has been completed. This will be the first point of contact between new incoming students and researchers from the program.

Advanced Training Seminars

These will last 20 hours and shall be on research topics that are currently ongoing at the different research groups linked to the program.

As a general rule, each student must participate in a minimum of two seminars of this type during the first two years.

Discussion Groups

These are regular meetings held by PhD students and supervised by at least one teacher, who will be assisted by other teachers from the program. The objective is to exchange ideas and discuss problems, either after common review of material or after presentations made by students or by some invited researcher.

As a general rule, each student must participate in a minimum of two discussion groups during the first two years.

Cross training courses

These will focus on research techniques and tools such as access to documentation, statistics, programming, languages, etc. They will be for a duration of 20 hours, except for language courses, which will last 30 hours.

As a general rule, students are recommended to optionally study at least one of these courses during the first year.

Research stays

Students are recommended to undertake a research stay with a group that researches into any line of work related to their thesis topic, or that will enable them to master techniques that are essential for successfully finishing their PhD. The place and duration of stay will depend on each case and shall be decided by the tutor committee.

Scientific Contributions

Research results will be submitted at a scientific congress or meeting. Students may alternatively publish results in a specialised research journal or as a book chapter, in accordance with the usual quality standards required by such publications.

Defence of the research plan

During the first four months and starting from the date of admission to the program, each student must prepare a research plan, which shall contain the current state of the research topic, the methodology and the most important information sources. This plan will be publicly defended before a committee.