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Admission and selection | Programa de doutoramento Estudos Lingüísticos

Admission and selection


Applicants to the Linguistics Studies PhD program need to have the following qualifications in addition to fulfilling the general requisites for access to a PhD program:

  1. They must have academic qualifications in linguistics or philology (or equivalent fields).

Admission of applicants with mixed profiles, i.e., those partially qualified in linguistics, will be subject to them taking prior supplementary training courses, which shall be determined by the PhD Academic Commission.

  1. Applicants from other countries will have to prove their knowledge of Galician, Portuguese or Spanish.
  2. In case Applicant’s mother tongue is one of the three languages mentioned in the previous section (Spanish, Galician or Portuguese), then he/she shall also have a B1 level in a language other than these.

Applicants that do not provide documentary evidence at the time of admission shall have to obtain the pertinent accreditation during the first year of their PhD studies.

  1. Applicants are also required to provide a written statement of intent on the possible project or thesis topic, the linguistics field in which they wish to work and why they intend to carry out this specific research.

Selection of applications

The PhD Academic Commission (PAC) shall select candidates based on the following criteria:

– Academic transcript

– Other curriculum vitae merits

If the PAC considers that documentary evidence provided by a candidate is insufficient, then it may arrange for a personal interview of the candidate in order to complete the candidates information file.

Priority shall be given to registration of full-time students. Notwithstanding the above, the PAC may establish specific criteria for registration to the part-time PhD program.