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Reasons and motivations | Programa de doutoramento Estudos Lingüísticos

Reasons and motivations

Why should I do a PhD?

A PhD degree is the highest university degree. It indicates that persons who have a PhD have mastered their particular thesis topic. A PhD research work contributes something new to the state of knowledge.

What is it useful for?

— It is the passport towards a research career in a university or research centre.
— It allows access to teaching and research positions in universities all over the world.
— The work involved in writing a thesis portrays special intellectual and decision-making capacities that are increasingly demanded in the business world

Why should I do a PhD in linguistics?

How do we communicate? What is the relationship between language and thought? What is it that makes languages change? Why are there so many languages in the world? If you have linguistic training and are able to ask these questions, then you most certainly will have a place in our PhD program. You will be able to contribute with your research to providing a complex answer to these issues and other similar ones.

What are the advantages of the Linguistic Studies PhD program?

We are a team with a proven training capacity demonstrated by the theses that we have already supervised and others currently underway under our responsibility. You will undoubtedly find some topic that arouses your interest from among the diverse research lines we offer. In addition, the Universities of Vigo and A Coruña will be providing you with very interesting material resources, especially the ones concerning access to information sources. We also offer the opportunity for research stays abroad, fruit of our collaboration with research groups from universities in Belgium, Brazil, France and Portugal.

What is the recommended profile of applicants?

This would be a person who wishes to do a PhD thesis in linguistics, in Galician, Portuguese or Spanish, or in the Spanish Sign Language (SSL or LSE in Spanish), or even within the scope of any other language. This program will be of interest to both national and international students. Given that the organiser universities have a strategic location to offer studies in Spanish, Galician and Portuguese, all Portuguese students will have an excellent option in the Linguistics Studies PhD program to carry out their research activity.