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Tutoring | Programa de doutoramento Estudos Lingüísticos


The work of each PhD student from the program will be supervised by a Tutor Committee consisting of three persons, which shall include the tutor , the thesis supervisor and when pertinent, the co-supervisor.

The Tutor

The final admission of an applicant to a PhD program will lead to the assignment of a tutor, appointed by the PAC. It will be a permanent University lecturer (see the list of teachers in the program)

In general, the tutor’s duties shall be that of:
(i) Facilitating interaction between the PhD student, the PAC and the thesis supervisor;
(ii) Ensuring the suitability of the PhD program lines to the PhD student’s training and research activities, and
(iii) Guiding the student in the educational and research activities of the program.

The Thesis Supervisor

The PAC shall within a maximum period of three months from the date of registration, assign a thesis director to each PhD student.

This person will ultimately be responsible for consistency and appropriateness of the training activities, the impact and novelty of the PhD thesis topic and shall furthermore guide planning and appropriateness, in case student registers on other projects and activities.

Any person with a Spanish or foreign PhD degree, with proven research experience, shall be eligible to be a thesis supervisor, irrespective of the university, centre or institution they work for.

“Proven research experience” refers to recognition of a minimum of six years of research activity or fulfilment of any of the requirements set forth in Article 10 of the Rules for PhD studies established by the University of A Coruña and the University of Vigo.

Tutor Committee

The Linguistic Studies PhD program specifically establishes that registered students shall individually have a tutor committee which will guide them throughout their PhD studies and will annually endorse student’s progress on the thesis.

The tutor committee will be comprised of the thesis supervisor, the tutor and a third person of recognised prestige, who shall meet the conditions required to be a thesis supervisor and shall also be employed at a national or international institution.

The functions of the tutor committee shall include those of deciding the PhD student’s training activities according to his/her training needs and of periodically reviewing and assessing research progress.